2019 INFINITI QX60 vs Lexus RX 350L for Dayton Families

Many Dayton families are opting to buy a three-row luxury SUV, rather than a minivan. But which luxury SUV offers the best experience for families. Today we're going to compare the 2019 INFINITI QX60 vs Lexus RX 350L to find out which offers better interior comfort, features, and driving. These are some of the main criteria that Dayton families consider when purchasing a three-row vehicle, and we'll look at the pros and cons of the INFINITI QX60 and Lexus RX 350L.

Are you shopping for a three-row luxury SUV near Dayton, Ohio? You'll want to read our comparison below, as well as check out our inventory of luxury SUVs. Located at 299 Loop Road in Centerville, OH, our luxury facilities and vehicles offer Dayton shoppers everything they need for a luxurious experience. Now, let's get to the comparison of the QX60 vs RX 350L.

INFINITI QX60 vs Lexus RX 350L - Real-World Family Comfort

We will get to standard features, technology, and driving below. But when it comes to choosing a large family vehicle, what most Dayton buyers want to know is how comfortable, practical, and luxurious their SUV will be for the family. So this section will look at the features and design of the QX60 and RX 350L that most impact everyday luxury and comfort for families.

The Third Row

Chances are, that if you're considering the INFINITI QX60 or Lexus RX 350L, having a third row of seats is a priority. Whether you need extra room for kids or the extended family, you'll want to know if the third row is spacious and convenient enough for your needs.

While minivans are still king of third row space in most cases, some three-row SUVs and crossovers are better than others. Comparing the third rows of the INFINITI QX60 and Lexus RX 350L, there are some significant differences. The most noticeable, is that the third row of the QX60 is more spacious. But one difference that Dayton families might not notice on a test drive is ease of entry.

It is significantly easier to access the third row of the QX60. This is partly due to the INFINITI's unique tilt-and-slide second row, which can tilt and slide forward even with a car seat installed. This has been a favorite feature among Centerville parents, and separates the QX60 from the three-row luxury competition. Meanwhile, the Lexus RX offers much narrower access to the third row, which is smaller overall. So if you plan to use the third row of your SUV often, the INFINITI QX60 is the better option.

Cargo & Utility

If you're a parent, there's a good chance you've had to do the math on fitting your family and luggage into your vehicle for a road trip, or even just the drive to the airport. And while the Lexus RX 350L is the brand's only three-row SUV, it comes up short in cargo capacity. Behind the third row, you only get 7.5 cubic feet of cargo room. Meanwhile, the INFINITI QX60 has more than double the cargo room behind the third row.

The INFINITI QX60 can also tow up to 5,000 lbs for active families, while the RX 350L tops out at 3,500 lbs. So if you have a boat or camper you plan to tow for camping trips, the QX60 offers quite a bit more wiggle room on weight. Both three-row crossovers offer AWD for inclement weather.

QX60 vs RX 350L - Luxury & Features

Of course, luxury SUVs like the QX60 and RX 350L have a lot more to offer than just large, practical interiors. Exclusive luxury and tech features truly set them apart, as do their comfortable rides. So let's look at how these two vehicles compare.

Both offer the latest in driver aides, including adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, blind spot monitoring, and more. Lexus comes with an impressive standard safety suite, and the QX60 also includes blind-spot monitoring and forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking as standard. The QX60 also has ProAssist and ProActive packages, which bring semi-autonomous driving features that are considered by many to be best-in-class.

The advantage of these systems becomes clear in stop-and-go traffic, as well as highway driving. Advanced lane-keeping assist and adaptive cruise control with stop and go keep your vehicle in its lane, and a safe distance from other vehicles on the road. Imagine driving in Dayton rush hour without having to touch the gas or brake. That's the future of driving, and luxury SUVs like the INFINITI QX60 are leading the way.

Test Drive the INFINITI QX60 at a Dealer Near You

INFINITI of Dayton is the area's premiere luxury dealership, offering an impressive selection of luxury cars, crossovers, and SUVs. If you're comparing the INFINITI QX60 vs Lexus RX 350L, you'll want to test drive the QX60 at INFINITI of Dayton. We have luxury amenities to match our vehicles, and also offer an exclusive VIP Benefits packages worth over $3,000.

When you compare the 2019 INFINITI QX60 vs Lexus RX 350L, it's clear that the QX60 was designed from the ground up for family comfort, utility, and luxury. Meanwhile the RX 350L, while luxurious, lacks the cargo and third-row space to be a suitable replacement for a minivan. It's likely that future redesigns will bring the RX 350L more in line with other three-row luxury crossovers, the INFINITI QX60 is the better choice for Centerville families. And you can test drive it right here at INFINITI of Dayton.

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