INFINITI Financial Services has long been the trusted financing partner of Dayton INFINITI owners. When you shop at an INFINITI dealer near you, the financing and lease specials you see are normally offered by INFINITI Financial Services. Often, these specials will include low interest rates, reduced payments, or both! For Ohio drivers looking for the best deal on an INFINITI near them, INFINITI Financial Services' specials are a great way to finally drive home in the luxury vehicle you dreamed of.

At INFINITI of Dayton, we're always excited to announce the latest monthly financing and lease specials on our INFINITI vehicles. Currently, those monthly offers are even more special, giving Dayton, OH shoppers the chance to enjoy 0% financing and deferred payments on their new INFINITI.

We are going to take a look at why INFINITI Financial Services are the perfect partners in your vehicle financing. And for those Ohio drivers who are shopping for a used luxury car, we will also take a look at INFINITI's certified pre-owned program. At INFINITI of Dayton, your experience is our priority. We provide the utmost in luxury, customer service, and options to our customers. If you are interested in a new or certified pre-owned INFINITI, be sure to ask about our VIP Benefits. Adding up to thousands in additional value, INFINITI of Dayton provides an unmatched benefits package to all of our Ohio INFINITI customers.

0% Financing From INFINITI Financial Services

As any vehicle owner knows, the interest on a car loan can add up to thousands of dollars over the years. By offering 0% financing for 72 months, INFINITI Financial Services significantly reduces the final cost of your new INFINITI. With a reputation for prioritizing customers' experiences, INFINITI Financial Services will be there to support you in your purchase and ownership of your INFINITI.

Not only can Dayton, OH buyers get a 0% car loan when buying at a local INFINITI dealership, but payments will also be deferred for 90 days. If your lease is ending, or you just need a new vehicle, waiting for the economy to reopen just might not be an option. INFINITI Financial understands, and is giving INFINITI of Dayton's customers the chance to finance now and pay later.

The 0% offer from INFINITI Financial Services can also be applied to your lease of a new INFINITI, so be sure to ask the staff at INFINITI of Dayton about the exciting lease offers available. But what if you don't want to buy a brand new INFINITI? That's where INFINITI of Dayton's CPO vehicles come in.

INFINITI Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Buying a certified pre-owned INFINITI is the best way to get many of the benefits that come with buying a new vehicle, but also save thousands off MSRP. If buying from an INFINITI dealership near you, you will most likely see they have a certified pre-owned inventory. These INFINITI vehicles have gone through an extensive inspection and conditioning process to make sure they meet the stringent standards set by the manufacturer.

Because they are certified for their quality by an authorized INFINITI dealer like INFINITI of Dayton, CPO INFINITI vehicles are sold with extended warranties. These cover the powertrain, as well as bumper-to-bumper, so Dayton, Ohio buyers can feel confident in their purchase. Unlike purchasing a regular used vehicle on the private market, buyers of certified pre-owned INFINITIs will know their vehicle has been rigorously inspected.

Read more about the benefits of buying a certified pre-owned INFINITI.

There are also model-year and mileage requirements for an INFINITI vehicle to be certified, so Ohio buyers will have a warrantied INFINITI that performs just like new. Be sure to browse our certified pre-owned inventory, so you can decide whether a CPO vehicle or the 0% financing on a new INFINITI works best for you.

INFINITI Financing & Certified Pre-Owned at INFINITI of Dayton

Ohio drivers who buy with INFINITI of Dayton know that it is a different experience than at other dealers nearby. Our priority is your experience, so from the moment you contact us you can count on a luxury experience. We also offer exclusive VIP Benefits to all new and used car owners, totaling over $3,000 in value. This value is unmatched in the Dayton, OH area, and only adds to the luxury ownership experience offered by INFINITI.

Be sure to view our new & certified pre-owned INFINITI inventory, and check out the current specials on offer from INFINITI Financial Services. Whether buying new or CPO, Ohio drivers can be sure they are getting the best vehicles and ownership experience from INFINITI of Dayton. Contact us today with any questions you have. If you are interested in test driving one of our INFINITI cars or SUVs, we would be happy to drop it off for an at-home test drive.

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